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Should I use hashHistory?

Hash history works without configuring your server, so if you're just getting started, go ahead and use it. In general, though, production web applications should use browserHistory for the cleaner URLs, and for support for server-side rendering, which is impossible with hashHistory.

Additionally, as mentioned above, some older browsers do not support the HTML5 History API. If it's important to you to not use full page reloads for navigation on those older browsers, then you will also need to use hashHistory.

react-router vs react-router-dom, when to use one or the other?

react-router contains all the common components between react-router-dom and react-router-native. When should you use one over the other? If you're on the web then react-router-dom should have everything you need as it also exports the common components you'll need. If you're using React Native, react-router-native should have everything you need for the same reason. So you'll probably never have to import anything directly from react-router.


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