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Java - Callback

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Sometimes, a class need execute some specific task when it is triggered by other class calling.
In other words, a morning call service is a callback mechanism in our life.
You tell waiter to call you at six every morning.
Then waiter will give you a morning call when time's up.

And we can use interface to achieve this concept.

public interface MorningCall {
    public void call();
public class Guest implements MorningCall {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        Waiter mWaiter = new Waiter();

    public void call() {
        System.println.out("Guest: I Get Up.");
public class Waiter {
    public void makeCall(MorningCall mMorningCall) {
        System.println.out("Waiter: Make a Morning Call At Six O'Clock.");;